May 4, 2022

New GTA-Centered Instructor Talk Paper Published

Congratulations to Katharine A. Gelinas, Dax Ovid, Wilmer Amaya-Mejia, Rafael Ayala, Hanna E. Baek, Eric Gasmin, Karina Hissen, Amanda Johnson, Emily Kossa, Lauren Levesque, Kurt R. Lutz, Amichai S. Lyons, Alan F. Mata, Casey G. Mitchell, Lisa Paggeot, Maria José Pastor-Infantas, Cheryl Patel, Susan Prestol-Casillas, Kevin Xu Chen, and Kimberly D. Tanner on their incredible work leading to a new publication in CBE-Life Sciences Education!

Their research analyzes the non-content language (Instructor Talk) that graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) use in the undergraduate biology laboratory classrooms.

To learn more about it, you can read “Investigating Instructor Talk among Graduate Teaching Assistants in Undergraduate Biology Laboratory Classrooms” here!

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