Expanding HHMI Biology FEST

Expanding HHMI Biology FEST: Faculty Empowering Students in Transformations

The overarching goal of the effort is to cultivate our upper division biology major students of color – African American, Black, Latino/a, Native American, Filipino/a, and Pacific Islander students – as leaders, role models, and partners with biology faculty in transforming upper division biology learning environments. These student of color leaders, which will include majority first-generation college-going and transfer students, will participate directly in reform efforts as: 1) in-classroom peer learning assistants and near-peer mentors, 2) co-developers of classroom equity and diversity curricular interventions, 3) co-researchers in assessing the impacts of these efforts, and 4) culturally knowledgeable resources for faculty understanding of the student perspective.

Principal and Co-Principal Investigators

Kimberly Tanner, Ph.D., Professor of Biology, San Francisco State University and Director, SEPAL
Laura Burrus, Ph.D., Professor, Department Chair of Biology, San Francisco State University
Blake Riggs, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology, San Francisco State University