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News from Paul Nagami

Paul Nagami, a SFSU Biology and SEPAL research group MS alumnus, has just accepted a tenure-track biology instructor position at Mission College.

Now former instructor from Holy Names University, Paul will begin his new ventures and share his knowledge on science education with his new students and faculty members at Mission College.

News from Berenice Cabrera

Berenice (Alex) Cabrera – one of our SFSU Biology alumni for both undergraduate and graduate biology programs – has been offered a full-ride scholarship for graduate studies in Higher Education at the University of Michigan this August.

While an undergraduate biology major at SFSU, Alex was a student leader through the SFSU SEPAL Spectrum Program: Building Pathways to Biomedical Research Careers for Girls and Women of Color, which was funded by the NIH. She then returned to complete her MS in Biology at SEPAL, studying biology students’ experiences with advising and office hours in our department.

News from Morgan Meyers

Dr. Morgan Meyers – one of our esteemed SFSU Biology MS graduate alumni from the Carpenter Lab, and a SEPAL GTA leader – will be sharing her marine biology expertise and join the faculty at the University of Georgia! While at SFSU, Morgan was a beloved Biol 320 GTA, and then she went on to complete her PhD in New Zealand.

News from Sarah Bissonnette

Dr. Sarah Bissonnette – one of our esteemed SFSU SEPAL Postdoc alumni and current Assistant Professor at CSU Stanislaus – has won the 2021 Elizabeth Anne B. Papageorge Faculty Teaching Award.

While at SFSU, Sarah conducted research on students’ understanding of cancer and general organization of biology knowledge while also serving as a key instructor in the Biol 230 course, which she has now adapted and pioneered as an instructor at CSU Stanislaus.

Click here to learn more about the award she has won.

News from Elleanor Pangilinan

Elleanor Pangilinan, a SEPAL first-year graduate student, has just won a prestigious 2021 Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Scholar Award. In addition to receiving scholarship funds, this award will support Elleanor in exploring potential doctoral studies in science education at a University of California campus or other doctoral-granting institution next summer.

News from Jessica Toledo

Jessica Toledo – a recent SFSU Biology alum who was also an outstanding inaugural student leader in Biol 654: PALS – Peer Assistants for Learning Science – has just accepted her first post-graduation position at UCSF’s Cancer & Infusion Center. 

News from Trisha DeVera

After 25 years of service to San Francisco State University and 17 years of partnership with me at the SFSU SEPAL – Science Education Partnership and Assessment Laboratory, our beloved SEPAL Program Administrator – Trisha DeVera – will be retiring at the end of the month. 

From all of us from SEPAL, we would very much appreciate it if each of you could visit this virtual card for Trisha and contribute a slide, memory, picture, and/or comment in her honor.

This is an end of one journey, but the beginning of a whole new story for Trisha DeVera.

News from Pingdewinde Sam

Pingdewinde Sam (AKA PSam) is one of our esteemed undergraduate SFSU Biology alumni and SEPAL SPIKE student leaders, who is about to finish his doctoral studies in Cellular and Molecular Physiology at Johns Hopkins University next week! Below is his thesis presentation Zoom link, and he was gracious enough to share this lovely news and event with our SFSU community. For our current graduate students, in particular, could benefit a bunch from seeing an alum do a fabulous doctoral presentation!

Click here to view the presentation at May 13th, 2021.

Cherry Award for Great Teaching Finalists Named

The Cherry Award from Baylor University is a distinguished award given to outstanding teachers from various institutions by recognizing their ability to communicate and connect with students in the classroom through discussion and civil engagement. Kimberly Tanner, a very well recognized SFSU faculty member, most notable as her role as an instructor for BIO 230, was named as one of the six semi-finalist out of a pool of 114 nominations! Her ability to communicate and engage students in discussion in regard to the sciences was already well noted by several positive feedback from former students, and this award further recognizes her exemplary skills as being a professor.

Read more about the award here, and the other semi-finalist here.

News from Justine Ramos

Justine Ramos – a recent SFSU Biology alum who took Bio 230 course in 2014, has just been admitted to UC Berkeley to study for her PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology. With several SFSU alumni currently attending UC Berkley, Justine should have no problem navigating her new life in this prestigious school with their support.