May 6, 2020

News from Marion Wood

San Francisco State University Biology and SEPAL PALS alumna, Marion Wood has been accepted to study medicine by a great distance at Far Eastern University in the Philippines where she currently lives with her family and relatives. Marion graduated from SFSU with a BS in Physiology in December of 2019, a perfect fit for someone who wants to study medicine. She was most notable for being one of the sixteen students who pioneered the current Peer Assistants for Learning Science (PALS), a course intended to reinforce biology students with desires to teach science in the future by working with current teachers and staff in biology such as BIO 230. Marion couldn’t have been in this position without her fellow physiology partner, Jennifer Breckler.

Marion’s journey at SFSU is over, but now she will pursue her new endeavors in medicine at her home country in the Philippines.

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