October 9, 2018

Foothill College and San Francisco State University are to share a $1.1 million Federal Grant


Jeff Schinske in action

Foothill College and San Francisco State University will share a $1.1 million federal grant, for this grant seeks to help highlight scientist with different: ethnic, racial, sexual, and gender identities. This is being spearheaded by Foothill College’s Jeff Schinske, and San Francisco State University’s Kimberly Tanner. The National Institutes of Health grant will help undergraduates at both institutions create “Scientist Spotlights,” or short assignments which are centered on scientist from underrepresented populations. The lessons will teach course concepts, and include personal information regarding the scientist. Schinske stated that, students need to see themselves in a discipline to not only succeed, but learn the material.  Schinske and Tanner are both working on integrating the lessons into SFSU Biology courses. They also have a partnered with instructors from different institutions like middle school, high school, and community college to help evaluate the lessons efficacy in a classroom setting. The lessons will be compiled into an online database, for others around the country to access. Eventually, one can see these lessons being implemented into K-12 classrooms around the Bay Area. As Tanner put it, this collaboration will help change the curriculum which often shows that only certain types of individuals can do science.

Kimberly in action


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