December 11, 2013

SEPAL Research Featured in the Science Education Journal CBE


Congratulations to the SEPAL Research team for getting there research featured in the Science Education Journal CBE: Cell Biology Education and for being selected for the cover image for this month’s issue.

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Seidel, S.B. and Tanner, K.D. “What if students revolt?” – Considering Student Resistance: Origins, Options, and Opportunities for Investigation. CBE: Journal of Life Science Education, 12, 586-595, 2013. pdf

Smith, J.I., Combs, E.D., Nagami, P.H., Alto, V.M., Goh, H.G., Gourdet, M.A.A., Hough, C.M., Mickell, A.E., Peer, A.G., Coley, J.D., Tanner, K.D., and Williams, K.S. Development of the Biology Card Sorting Task to Measure Conceptual Expertise in Biology. CBE: Journal of Like Sciences Education, 12, 628-644, 2013. pdf

Read the Press Coverage on Author Julia Smith here!

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