DART: Decibel Analysis for Research in Teaching

The goal of the DART project is to determine the extent to which instructors use innovative teaching methods in college classrooms and to create a tool to measure this in a effective and inexpensive way. The resulting software tool, Decibel Analysis for Research in Teaching (DART) analyzes simple audio recordings of classroom sound to predict with ~90% accuracy the quantity of time spent on Single Voice (e.g. lecture), Multiple Voice (e.g. pair discussion), and No Voice (e.g. clicker, question thinking) activities. To learn more and try out DART for yourself, check out the DART website here.

The DART research project emerged out of SEPAL’s ongoing professional development programs  for community college and university faculty, CCB FEST and HHMI Biology FEST. Check out these programs here.

Research Collaborators:

This research is a collaborative effort led by the Science Education Partnership and Assessment Laboratory (SEPAL), the Center for Computing in Life Sciences (CCLS) at San Francisco State University, and research collaborators at Pacific Lutheran University and Foothill Community College.

In addition, our interdisciplinary research team includes over 70 instructor collaborators drawn from more than two-dozen San Francisco Bay Area community colleges and universities!





Research Funding:

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