March 11, 2019

SEPAL MS Graduate won SFSU level of the CSU Student Research Competition

The CSU Student Research Competition is a system-wide competition that helps showcase the innovative research and creative activities that both Graduates and Undergraduates partake in. The nominees are all from a wide variety of educational programs offered by their respective CSU. They will give oral presentations to professionals from major organizations, corporations, foundations, public agencies, colleges and Universities of California.


This competition is held every year, and seeks to promote excellence in scholarly research and creative activity. It will recognize outstanding student accomplishments from the 23 CSU campuses.


Our very own SEPAL MS Grad, Alex Cabrera was a winner of the SFSU level CSU Student Research Competition in the area of Behavioral and Social Sciences. She will be heading to CSU Fullerton for the state-level competition. Her research was focused on office hours, it is essentially her thesis looking at how undergraduates and Biology faculty experience advising/office hours. She has discovered that the #1 thing students mentioned is they would like a personal approach before discussing the actual subject matter. While that was one outcome of this, she found that 43% mentioned a bad experience with their advisor/Biology Faculty, many of which do not return. Alex is not trying to understand why individuals are not returning to office hours.


Keep doing this work Alex!!!!

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