April 13, 2018

SEPAL Alum accepts STEM Program Coordinator Position in Tokyo !

Mia Newman a SFSU Biology Undergrad Alum and SEPAL alum recently accepted a position as a Lead teacher; as well as a STEM Program Coordinator at the KAIS Elementary and Middle Schools in Tokyo. She will essentially be developing, administering, and assessing the schools STEM program and curriculum. This entails collaborating with the administration and colleagues to help accomplish this feat.

Mia Newman


About KAIS:

The primary purpose of the education at KAIS EMS is to help foster a child’s natural inclination toward joy and curiosity. In doing this it helps the children journey to self-discovery and self-fulfillment. The roles of teacher is not to simply tell children how to think or what to think; but to open their eyes to endless possibilities. It is about mentoring the children to enrich their sense of knowledge, mastering essential skills, and development of self.

Mike from KAIS EMS

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