SEPAL Visiting Scholars

Julia Smith

Julia Smith
Professor of Biological Science
Holy Names University
Oakland, CA

About Me

Julia Smith is a tenured Professor of Biological Sciences at Holy Names University in Oakland. Julia completed a B.A. in Biology at Carleton College in 1983. Her Master’s thesis, at the University of Oklahoma, investigated a woodpecker hybrid zone. In 1993 Julia completed her Ph.D. studying phenotypic plasticity in Song Sparrows at the University of California at Berkeley in the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology.

Research Project

As part of a sabbatical leave in 2009, Julia will be working at SFSU in collaboration with SEPAL researchers to: 1) develop a baseline estimate of student mastery of performance objectives in Holy Names University biology courses, 2) explore whether inquiry-based pedagogy results in greater mastery and retention of performance objectives in biology courses, and 3) examine whether inquiry-based methods may be an effective tool promoting the participation and achievement of under-represented minorities in biology.