Jonathan Boxerman


About Me

Jonathan received his Master of Science in Geoscience from San Francisco State University in May 2006. He embarked on a mission to study a little known geologic phenomenon called tafoni, a fantastic rock weathering pattern. While pursuing his geology research project, he was also a scientist partner teacher in GK-12. As a current doctoral student at Northwestern University, he hopes to continue investigating how people think and reason about geosciences concepts and scientific models in the Learning Sciences department at the school of education and social policy.


  • Boxerman, J.Z., Kudritzki, P. +, and Tanner, K.D., Probing 6th Grade Students’ Understanding of Geoscience: An Action Research Project by a Geoscientist-Teacher Partnership, National Association for Research in Science Teaching Conference Paper, San Francisco, CA, conference paper distributed and presented April (2006).

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