Berenice (Alex) Cabrera

Degree: Master’s in Biology, Concentration in Cell and Molecular Biology
Advisor: Kimberly Tanner, PhD.  


About me

I am originally from Salinas, CA and graduated from SFSU with bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Latino/a Studies, as well as a minor in Chemistry. As an undergraduate, I became involved with SEPAL through the Spectrum program, where I had the opportunity to introduce middle school girls to exciting biology topics through engaging, hands-on activities. This experience evoked both a deep interest in science education and a passion for inspiring women and students of color to pursue STEM careers. In my spare time, I enjoy trying new restaurants, checking out local bookstores, and spending time with family and friends.        

Research Interests

My research will focus on uncovering the ideas and experiences that Biology students have during professor office hours in hopes of identifying the most effective teaching and advising methods, as well as those that are generally counterproductive. Faculty members are charged with the responsibility of mentoring students, though they often receive little to no training in this regard. With the help of the Biology students that I intend to work with, my goal is to help faculty members become more effective advisors that are better-equipped to support students pursuing STEM majors and careers.