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Congratulations John Coley on the publication, “Why biology students have misconceptions about science”

John Coley

John Coley – Photo via news@Northeastern by Thea Singer

“A mis­con­cep­tion is not just a fac­tual error,” says Coley

Read about John Coley – Psychology Department at Northeastern University and his reasons why biology students have misconceptions about science!

Click here: Why biology students have misconceptions about science

Congratulations Coley on the publication!

SEPAL alumnus, Kathryn Danielson Published an Article!

The first author, Kathryn Danielson, was an National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Awardee during her graduate years at SFSU, and she who also won first prize for this work at an international conference on ocean acidification a few years ago. Now her work is published! She is currently employed as an educator at the California Academy of Sciences.

Check it out: Investigating Undergraduate Science Students’ Conceptions and Misconceptions of Ocean Acidification

Congratulations Kathryn!

Read an article all about Kimberly Tanner & SEPAL!

Kimberly Tanner, PhD was featured in an article, “A Powerhouse for Better Biology Education” by Silvia Cruz for Intersci.!

Check out the article by downloading the PDF: A Powerhouse for Better Biology Education

Thank you for your handwork Kimberly! You continue to inspire us all and redefining the meaning of science education. Thank you for creating SEPAL and spreading positivity and change!


Congratulations to John & Kimberly for publishing a paper in CBE Life Sciences Education!

Relations between Intuitive Biological Thinking and Biological 
Misconceptions in Biology Majors and Nonmajors
John D. Coley and Kimberly Tanner
CBE Life Sciences Education March 2, 2015

The authors present evidence that seemingly unrelated biological misconceptions may share common conceptual origins arising from underlying systems of intuitive biological reasoning, or cognitive construals. The findings presented raise the intriguing possibility that university-level biology education may reify construal-based thinking and related misconceptions.

Learn more at:

Congratulations John & Kimberly!

SEPAL featured in Faculty Focus publication’s “Best of” List

Drs. Kimberly Tanner and SEPAL Postdoc Shannon Seidel’s article “What if Students Revolt?  Considering Student Resistance:  Origins, Options and Opportunities for Investigation” (published in Cell Biology Education—Life Sciences Education) made the Faculty Focus publication’s “Best of” list that celebrates teaching and learning. 

Learn more at:  Congratulations Drs. Tanner and Seidel!

SEPAL Research Featured in the Science Education Journal CBE


Congratulations to the SEPAL Research team for getting there research featured in the Science Education Journal CBE: Cell Biology Education and for being selected for the cover image for this month’s issue.

Read the featured articles here!


Seidel, S.B. and Tanner, K.D. “What if students revolt?” – Considering Student Resistance: Origins, Options, and Opportunities for Investigation. CBE: Journal of Life Science Education, 12, 586-595, 2013. pdf

Smith, J.I., Combs, E.D., Nagami, P.H., Alto, V.M., Goh, H.G., Gourdet, M.A.A., Hough, C.M., Mickell, A.E., Peer, A.G., Coley, J.D., Tanner, K.D., and Williams, K.S. Development of the Biology Card Sorting Task to Measure Conceptual Expertise in Biology. CBE: Journal of Like Sciences Education, 12, 628-644, 2013. pdf

Read the Press Coverage on Author Julia Smith here!


SEPAL Featured in SFSU Newspaper

SEPAL was featured in the San Francisco State University’s Newspaper, Golden Gate Xpress.  This article highlights effective studying habits for college students.

Check out this article here!

Congratulations to Kimberly Tanner Her Research Publication in the Journal PNAS

Congratulations to Kimberly Tanner and her team of Science Faculty with Education Specialties on their recent publication in the prestigious science journal, The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Their paper addresses “Widespread distribution and unexpected variation among science faculty with education specialties (SFES) across the United States”

Seth D. Bush, Nancy J. Pelaez, James A. Rudd II, Michael T. Stevens, Kimberly D. Tanner, and Kathy S. Williams, PNAS 2013  PDF


See the SFSU New Press Release here!

SEPAL People Updates!

Congratulations to our SEPAL Alums!

SEPAL Alum, Briana McCarthy, recently made local news.

Read the article here!

SEPAL Alum, Jon Boxerman, will be defending his Ph.D. Dissertation at Northwestern University.

His dissertation is titled: “Echoes from the field: An ethnographic investigation of outdoor science field trips”


CCB FEST Featured on SF State News!

Read the published article here!