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SEPAL Outing to Cal Academy & SF Botanical Garden

SEPAL recently had its first social outing with the research team (since the pandemic!!!) to the California Academy of Sciences and San Francisco Botanical Garden!

Alumnus Featured in New Podcast on Microaggressions

SEPAL Postdoc Alumnus Colin Harrison, now at Georgia Tech University, is featured in the latest Teaching for Student Success podcast (Ep. 19: Microaggressions: Language Matters with Colin Harrison)!

Tune in here to listen to Colin and check out the 2017 publication which the podcast is based on.

Go Colin!

Alumnus Accepts Position as Obstetrics & Gynecology Nurse

SFSU BS Physiology Alumnus (2014) and SEPAL-affiliated student, Gladys Tumbaga, is an outstanding Obstetrics and Gynecology Nurse at La Maestra Community Health Center in San Diego, California, obtaining this position after completing her BSN, RN, and PHN degrees in nursing… 

Congratulations, Gladys!

Alumnus Promoted to Operations Project Manager at Twist Biosciences

BS Physiology Alumnus (2014) and SEPAL-affiliated SPIKE student leader, Shastyn Galang, was promoted to Operations Project manager at Twist Biosciences where she has been since 2017… 

Congratulations, Shastyn!

Alumnus Completes PhD & Accepts Position at Genetech

SFSU MS Biology Alumnus (2016) and SEPAL-affiliated student, Luis Quintanilla, completed his PhD in Neuroscience at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in 2022 (Yay!) and then started a new position at Genentech focused on drug development and biomarker discovery using bioinformatic approaches… 

Congratulations, Luis!

Alumnus Accepts Position at Syneos Health

SFSU MS Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Alumnus (2015) and SEPAL-affiliated student, Megan Silvia, started a new position as a Clinical Trials Manager at Syneos Health in Morrisville, North Carolina in Summer 2022… 

Congratulations, Megan!

Alumnus Accepts Position at Kinnate Biopharma, Inc.

SFSU Cell and Molecular BS Biology Alumnus (2007), Yessica Martinez, has a new position as Senior Program Manager at Kinnate Biopharma, Inc. in San Diego, California. This new professional accomplishment follows her 2020 completion of her MBA at Saint Mary’s College of California. 

Congratulations, Yessica!

Alumnus Accepts Position as Senior Account Executive with Drata

SFSU BS Physiology Alumnus (2013) and SEPAL-affiliated student, David Aguiniga, has put his scientific training to work in a fascinating career as a Senior Account Executive focused on security and compliance of software products with Drata in San Diego, California… 

Congratulations, David!

Alumnus Starts New Position at Weatherwax Bio

SFSU BS Cell and Molecular Biology Alumnus (2017) and SEPAL-affiliated student, Brett Morris, started a new position as Laboratory Operations Manager at Weatherwax Bio in Summer 2022… 

Congratulations, Brett!

Alumnus Accepts Position at Thermofisher

SFSU BS Cell and Molecular Biology Alumnus (2014), SEPAL-affiliated student, and former NIH Spectrum student leader, Tanisha Takhar, has a new position as a Business Development Manager in Cell & Gene Therapy at Thermofisher… 

Congratulations, Tanisha!