Drs. Kimberly Tanner and SEPAL Postdoc Shannon Seidel made the Faculty Focus publication’s “Best of” list.

Drs. Kimberly Tanner and SEPAL Postdoc Shannon Seidel’s article “What if Students Revolt?  Considering Student Resistance:  Origins, Options and Opportunities for Investigation” (published in Cell Biology Education—Life Sciences Education) made the Faculty Focus publication’s “Best of” list that celebrates teaching and learning.

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Kimberly Tanner publishes her research in the prestigious science journal, PNAS

Seth D. Bush, Nancy J. Pelaez, James A. Rudd II, Michael T. Stevens, Kimberly D. Tanner, and Kathy S. Williams, PNAS 2013  PDF

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SEPAL makes national press

CCB FEST Principal Investigators Jeff Schinski and Kimberly Tanner were featured in the recently published Nature article, “A sense of community: US scientists passionate about teaching can find rewarding work at community colleges.”

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CCB FEST Featured on SF State News!

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SF State biology department receives a $1.5 million HHMI grant to support science teaching!

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Kimberly Tanner receives National Teaching Award, named Outstanding Undergraduate Science Teacher!

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Kimberly Tanner is featured in SF State magazine and speaks about SEPAL’s mission.

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Kimberly Tanner’s research seminar at University of Washington is available online.

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1/29/2009 SFSU Headline

Scientists Take on Science Education


12/16/2008 ASCB Conference

SEPAL director Kimberly Tanner gave a podium talk at the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) annual conference today in the ASCB Education Forum, “Science Faculty with Education Specialties: Findings from a Cross-Disciplinary Research Study.”

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Listen to an interview Dr. Tanner gave to Science and Society, a media group dedicated to promoting public awareness and understanding of science and math education. Listen to the interview or listen directly (mp3 podcast file).