Please observe the Spring 2020 Resource Center open hours.

M, W, Th: 10am‐2pm

Tu: 3:15pm-5pm

Friday: 9am-12pm

Or you can make an appointment via

email: sepal@sfsu.edu or phone: 415‐338‐6968

  1. What is the SEPAL Resource Center?

    The SEPAL Resource Center is a library of science education materials for a variety of science subjects and lesson plans. We are affiliated with several Bay area education institutions and community colleges through our educational programs. Our mission statement is to establish education partnerships and facilitate hands on, minds-on science education.

  2. What materials can I check out through the SEPAL Center?

    Our materials include books, videos, equipment, models, charts/posters, slides and activity kits. For our full available inventory, please visit the SEPAL Resource Center  page (under the ‘Resources’ tab) and download our inventory list.

  3. How can I check out items?

    If it is your first time using the resource center, you must fill a user agreement form to be part of our database. You are welcome to email or call ahead with requests for items you have seen on our inventory list or during a visit. You will be helped by one of our resource center assistants about the availability of the items and for support with lesson plan(s). To check out items we need three key information:

    1. The item requested (and any associated item number)
    2. How many items / how many students
    3. The date/time you will pick up the item when you can return the items
  4. How long can I check out items with the SEPAL Resource Center?

    All materials can be checked out for one week.

  5. Where is the SEPAL Resource Center?

    We are located at San Francisco State University in Hensill Hall Room 236.

  6. Where can I park?

    The SEPAL Resource Center has a 20-minute temporary parking permit which allows you to park in the loading dock located behind Hensill Hall. Otherwise you can park in lot 19/20 parking structure.

  7. Have more questions? : please feel free to email us or drop by during our office hours!