July 29, 2020

Brie Tripp

Contact: btripp@sfsu.edu

Research Interests
I am interested in learning from under-tapped student populations and ways to provide equitable experiences to these individuals in undergraduate science courses. By examining gateway courses designed to weed out these very individuals, I hope to make headway in reducing the “leaky science pipeline”. Related interests involve exploring the culture of science and ways to change the hierarchical nature and power structures that exist within science.

About Me
As a California native, I grew up in the central valley. I had the opportunity to receive my bachelor’s degree in biology at CSU Stanislaus. However, I would be remiss to ignore the first college I attended, Modesto Junior College, that changed my entire career trajectory. It was there that I fell in love with teaching science through an opportunity to assist several of my professors as a teaching assistant and tutor. I experienced the joy in helping students discover the beauty in science and the grit involved in overcoming academic challenges. This experience was coupled with amazing instructors that modeled that it’s not necessarily what is taught, but how it is taught that matters. Thus, I took the next step toward professorship and pursued my PhD in biology at Portland State University, where I researched how undergraduate students and faculty thought about and understood interdisciplinary science. I was also able to teach a myriad of courses where I witnessed the inequity that exists in science: who has access to science, who gets to be a scientist, and the barriers that exist in academic science culture. I now desire to be an agent of change within this culture, and aim to shift the landscape toward more equitable and inclusive platforms. When I’m not thinking about these important topics, you can find me backpacking unexplored areas with my dog, Rosey.

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