January 22, 2020

Dax Ovid

Dax Ovid, PhD

Contact: daxovid@sfsu.edu

Research Interest

At SEPAL, I am studying how students respond to classroom experiences. These classroom experiences include non-content Instructor Talk, Scientist Spotlights, and more. My research contributes inclusive and culturally-responsive practices for both biology and data science in higher education.

About Me
I grew up in Sacramento, California and also lived in Oregon, Washington, and Montana. With an appreciation for the natural world and a curiosity about birds, I chose to study Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley, where I pursued research in avian reproductive neuroendocrinology and focused on the role of melatonin in seasonal reproductive timing. My graduate and postdoctoral career extended to studies in mammals and amphibia. 
Beyond my interest in biological research was my fascination with the culture and pedagogy of science. I took courses in Data and Ethics, Curriculum Theory, Critical Pedagogy, and Critical Race Theory and saw the bridge between efforts in different academic disciplines and in the sciences to support equitable and inclusive representation and engagement. 
While taking courses in different departments, I noticed how identity and personal characteristics were both central in my social science courses. In biology, human experiences of race, sex, gender, ethnicity, ability, and sexuality seemed to never come up in the classroom. References to humans felt like references that were constrained to a norm that did not represent the variance of the human population, unless a professor went out of the way to make such a connection. The more I learned about the history and sociology of science, the more I imagined connecting these ideas to the science we were learning.

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