October 21, 2019

María Jose Pastor-Infantas

Contact: mpastor@mail.sfsu.edu


I am still trying to find my current project, but I know that I want to work with K-12 educators and provide them insight on how to build a more conducive, exciting, and equitable science classroom. 

About me

I was raised in San Diego, CA and came to San Francisco State University for my Bachelor’s. As a freshman, I was determined to pursue a career in animal behavior, but then found my passion for education and entomology. In 2014, I was a mentor of a pilot biology mentoring program called B.U.M.P., where first year students were paired with higher level undergraduate students. That same year, I also joined the “Zombee laboratory” and examined the parasitism preferences of the parasitoid fly, Apocephalus borealis. After I graduated in 2015, I was involved in multiple after school K-12 programs where I created science clubs and experiments based on active hands-on learning models and techniques. While at these programs, I found myself assisting some K-12 teachers by teaching them how to replicate and implement these science activities in their own classrooms. Now, I have returned to S.F. State to join SEPAL, so I can further my knowledge and be a better advocate for K-12 educators!

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