September 12, 2019

Dianna Cazarez


About Me

I grew up in Long Beach, CA and moved up north in 2009 to attend San Francisco State University where I graduated Fall 2015 with a BA in General Biology. As an undergraduate I worked with Jumpstart an Early Literacy Program, then with the Boys & Girls Club Afterschool School Program where I am currently employed. In the last 5 years I have moved up from a part time position to now the Director of Programs and Services serving over 3,00 Bay Area youth. In this position I’ve been given the opportunity to survey the impact STEM (emphasis on Science & Tech) programming has had on our youth and staff. My findings made me realize that k-12 schooling is not equipping our youth and future scientist with the tools to be successful in the sciences because it is not representative of what higher education science courses are really like. This is why I sought out a Master’s degree with SEPAL to help me figure out what I can do to change this cycle from continuing to occur and how we can support what happens in the classroom in our after-school programs.

While my research is yet undecided, I do have a couple of focuses that I am eager to explore. One is: how can we bridge the gap between CoSE undergrads and high school/middle school students to help them prepare for college level science courses? And if an infrastructure were set in place could we create a peer advising system that might be able to match compatibility and/or common research interest from current to incoming students? Although, these questions may or may not be my final research topics I think they are highly important and hope to keep them in mind while at SEPAL.

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