September 9, 2019

Matthew Boser

Matthew Boser

Degree: Master of Science in Physiology and Behavioral Biology

Advisor: Kimberly Tanner, PhD


About me

I didn’t travel more than a couple hours west of the Atlantic coast until taking a field assistant job in the Black Hills, South Dakota, on a team studying reproductive endocrinology in wild birds. I earned an A.S. from Asnuntuck Community College, and a B.S. in biology from Eastern Connecticut State University and shortly after relocated to Oakland, CA. I enjoy hearing and performing music, building music instrument amplifiers, birding, pets, fantasy and science fiction, and the outdoors.

Teaching and Research Interests

I began my instructional training in adult education for incarcerated people seeking a high school diploma. I’ve co-taught sex-positive sexuality education and discussion and laboratory courses for undergraduate students in nursing, kinesiology, and biology. The research and policy projects to which I’ve contributed include prevention of sexual violence and sexual harassment in educational environments and broadening professional development for graduate students. My current research asks if we can better understand and address the proximate causes of systemic neglect of particular groups of students by institutions of higher education and the sciences.


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