November 6, 2018

Superstar spotlight: Torey (Tj) Jacques!

Congratulations to Torey D. Jacques (Tj). He is the new Metro Transfer Academy of Science Coordinator at CCSF Ocean campus.  He is also a CCSF alum before transferring to San Francisco State University where he received his Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science in Cellular/Molecular Biology.  His initial goals were to pursue a career in research until he began teaching during his years in grad school.  Teaching is where he really found his passion for instructing, mentoring, and encouraging students to find their calling in life through education.

Metro Transfer Academy provides him with the opportunity to continue his passion of helping students from underrepresented communities find success in STEM disciplines AND transfer to a four year university.  He is also provided with the opportunity to empower students by helping them recognize systems that play a significant role in their under-representation in STEM and provide them with the tools to combat those systems.


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