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Scientist Spotlight’s are helping change student perceptions

Jeff Schinske like many across the globe comes to think of himself as a scientist. He would soon look at his own class and notice that minorities were not doing as well as their privileged peers. He embarked on a mission to figure out why this is, and see how to change this. He developed a hypothesis; Students have to be able to envision themselves as being a part of the field to succeed. There are so many stereotypes out there about scientist, many of which can be very powerful. However, Jeff helped develop a way to test his hypothesis. It is a way for students to help see themselves as scientists. This would be known as Scientist Spotlights. The assignment itself is getting students to read about scientist who don’t fit the stereotypes, they can be a woman, a woman of color, or even a woman of color who is queer and grew up poor. From here the students answer some questions regarding the scientist’s research. These assignments will relate to the course curriculum. He discovered that these very assignments helped changed their views of who can be a scientist, and would lead them to identify as a scientist.


Jeff Schinske alongside a colleague of his from San Francisco State University were recently awarded a grant, which were based on these findings; this will seek to create assignments for students in middle and high schools around the Bay Area. He hopes to one day expand this globally, and this way people from around the world can access these homework assignments talking about diverse scientists.



Superstar spotlight: Torey (Tj) Jacques!

Congratulations to Torey D. Jacques (Tj). He is the new Metro Transfer Academy of Science Coordinator at CCSF Ocean campus.  He is also a CCSF alum before transferring to San Francisco State University where he received his Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science in Cellular/Molecular Biology.  His initial goals were to pursue a career in research until he began teaching during his years in grad school.  Teaching is where he really found his passion for instructing, mentoring, and encouraging students to find their calling in life through education.

Metro Transfer Academy provides him with the opportunity to continue his passion of helping students from underrepresented communities find success in STEM disciplines AND transfer to a four year university.  He is also provided with the opportunity to empower students by helping them recognize systems that play a significant role in their under-representation in STEM and provide them with the tools to combat those systems.


SFSU SPIKE and SFSU Biology Alumnus received UCSF Disability Service Award

Laurence Henson was a Biology Undergraduate Honoree, and obtained a BS in Physiology from San Francisco State University. While here, he too was deeply involved in lots of activities and community service. Henson just received the UCSF Disability Service Award from the UCSF Chancellor’s Office. This award seeks to highlight the tremendous efforts of those who demonstrate a strong dedication to diversity. The individuals recognized are leaders and pioneers in their respective fields and to the communities which they serve.


Keep doing this work !