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Fall 2011

* San Francisco State hosts Expanding Your Horizons, Saturday, October 29, 2011. For more    information please go to

* Kimberly Tanner gives talk at CSU Fullerton

* Dr. Angela Johnson is Spectrum Dinner & Dialogue guest speaker (10.6.11)

* Kimberly Tanner is named Academy of Sciences Fellow

Spring 2011

* Carol Umanzor, SEPAL lab graduate student, receives the 2011 Graduate Distinguished Achievement Award! Congratulations Carol!

* Congratulations to Spectrum participant, SPIKE alumnae, and Cell and Molecular Biology major Silvia Gonzales for being selected as the 2011 Biology Undergraduate Honoree!

* Congratulations to Kathryn Danielson, SEPAL lab graduate student, for being in the first cohort of NSF awardees doing biology education research!!

Read SEPAL Alumn Jeff Schinske’s new article about open-ended assessment in lecture classes, published in the Journal of College of Science Teaching!

News in 2010

Read recent article from interSci about student misconceptions in biology.

Listen to SEPAL Director, Kimberly Tanner’s interview for Nature EdCast!

Read recent article from SF State magazine about SEPAL’s mission.

View SEPAL Director, Kimberly Tanner’s research seminar talk given at the University of Washington