2019 SEPAL Scientific Teaching Summer Institute

Registration has CLOSED.

Registration for 2020 Institute will be posted in Spring 2020

Instructors from all institution types, science disciplines, and career stages are most welcome!

Goals for the summer institute are to…

*build community among bay area biology and other science instructors

*explore the core tenets of scientific teaching – assessment, inclusion, active learning, and effective and efficient lesson planning

*initiate rich discussions about engaging all our students in meaningful science learning

*collaboratively prepare for your professional activities in the 2019-20 academic year

At the registration above you can apply for either the…

2019 SEPAL Scientific Teaching Summer Institute: 3-day summer institute from Monday, August 5th through Wednesday, August 7th) at the San Francisco State main campus, where instructors collaboratively explore a wide variety of assessment, inclusion strategies, active learning, and lesson planning strategies. All materials – institute binder, handouts, and electronic archive – as well as breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee/snacks each day are included. Two follow-up fall community gatherings to provide further support – one in October and one in December – with lunch and additional materials are also included.

2019 SEPAL Scientific Teaching Summer Institute & Fall Teaching Square Program: if at all possible, we strongly encourage all institute attendees to consider extending their participation through a Fall Teaching Square group, where four instructors: meet monthly to strategize together and share innovations, visit one another’s classrooms once to see scientific teaching in action elsewhere, and  individually record and review a videotape of themselves teaching. Participation in a Fall Teaching Square group, which is in addition to the 3-day summer institute and two follow-up fall community gatherings, is offered with no additional fee, as we have consistently seen the benefits of on-going conversations with colleagues as instructors implement scientific teaching ideas in their local context in fall.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions: Kimberly Tanner (kdtanner@sfsu.edu) and Jeff Schinske (schinskejeff@fhda.edu).

We look forward to learning with many of you this summer and fall!

Kimberly Tanner, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Biology
San Francisco State University (SFSU)
Email: kdtanner@sfsu.edu

Jeff Schinske, M.S.
Biology Instructor
Foothill College
Email: schinskejeff@fhda.edu

For more information on the hosts click here!

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