Science Partners in K-12 Education (SPIKE)

The SPIKE Program:

  • Supports teachers in addressing science standards
  • Supports the teaching of hands-on science activities in the classroom
  • Provides college role models for K-12 students
  • Allows SFSU science students to revisit and apply their science content knowledge by sharing it with K-12 teachers and their students in the classroom

For SFSU science students, the Science Partners in K-12 Education Program is a cross-listed course that will be offered as Science 652/Biology 652 this fall. Students will learn how to develop biology and physical science lessons and get practice teaching them.

Who are the partnership teams?

Partnership Teams consists of two elementary, middle, or high science teachers from a single school-site, their students, and two science students from SFSU.

When does this happen?

The semester-long Science Partners in K-12 Education repeats each Fall. Partner teams with two K-12 teachers and two SFSU scientists co-plan & co-teach 6 science lessons together over the course of the semester.

How do I get involved?

Recruitment for interested SFSU undergraduates, post-baccalaureates, and graduate students in Biology, Chemistry, Geosciences, and Physics happens every Spring semester.

Apply to the 2014 SPIKE Program.

Applications for Fall 2014 are now closed.