SEPAL offers a variety of science partnership programs for science educators from elementary through college.



Semester-long partnerships between elementary or middle school teachers and SFSU science undergraduate and graduate students.

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HHMI Biology FEST is a multi-pronged faculty development program that will enhance San Francisco State Biology faculty pedagogical expertise, provide support for iteratively changing their teaching, engage faculty in regular discussions of student assessment evidence, and build infrastructure to support comprehensive curricular reform in the future.

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Spectrum is a community of women of color in the biomedical sciences. Spectrum brings together women scientists of all ages together — SFSU undergraduate students, SFSU Masters students, SFSU alumni in local doctoral and biotechnology positions, SFSU Faculty, and middle and high school students and teachers. SFSU Spectrum scientists collaborate to learn and share their knowledge about the biology behind women’s health issues and current research being conducted by women biomedical researchers of color.

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CCB FEST brings together current and aspiring SF Bay Area community college biology instructors to build professional community, learn from one another, and explore scientific teaching and innovative approaches to integrating active learning, assessment, equity, and classroom research into community college biology teaching.

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SFES: Science Faculty with Education Specialties

Efforts to improve science education include university science departments hiring Science Faculty with Education Specialties (SFES), scientists who take on specialized roles in science education within their discipline. Although these positions have existed for decades and may be growing more common, few reports have investigated the SFES approach to improving science education. SEPAL Director Kimberly […]

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2009-10 Partnership Teams

Teacher Partner School Grade/Content Scientist Partner Billy Caudy Balboa High School Physics and Environmental Science Kate Magary Karen Clayman A.P. Giannini Middle School 6th grade Earth Science Tina Cheng Annie Darling Hilltop High School Biology & Integrated Science Jenny Carlson Marlies Lewis Lawton K-8 Alternative School 6th grade Earth Science Gwen Conahan Erika Schenck Marshall […]

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2008-09 Partnership Teams

School> Teacher Scientist Partner A.P. Giannini Middle School Karen Clayman 6th Grade Earth Science, 7th grade Life Science Tina Cheng Biology Marina Middle School Tom Ehnle 7th grade Life Science Rae Goodman Biology Francisco Middle School Jennifer Lim 6th grade Earth Science Lilia Ornealas Physiology Horace Mann Middle School Priscilla Owren 8th grade Physical Science […]

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